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Pick-Up Lines
1 Dou You Come Here Often? (2)
2 What's Your Sign? (5)
3 You Smell Good (5)
4 Your Place Or Mine? (2)
5 Hey Big Boy
6 Do You Work Out Here Often?
7 You Must Be An Athlete
8 Are These Melons Are Ripe? (4)
9 Would You Like A Drink? (4)
10 I Couldn't Help Noticing You...(4)
11 Can I Give You A Lift?
12 Haven't We Met Before? (5)
Expert Philosphy
13 Come Up And See Me Some Time
14 Is That A Gun In Your Pocket...
15 I Used To Be Snow White But I Drifted
16 It's Not The Men In My Life That Counts..
17 You've Got To Rock With The Rock..
18 When A Girl Goes Bad, The Men Go Right After Her
19 Too Much Of A Good Thing Can Be Wonderful
20 He Who Hesitates Is Last
21 It Isn't What I Do...
22 A Man In The House Is Worth Two In The Street
23 When I'm Good I'm Good
Setting The Mood
24 Party/Restaurant With Conversation And Dishes
25 Rain - Steady
26 Crashing Waves At Big Sur
27 Thunderstorm
28 Quick Shower - Entering, Showering, Exiting
29 Romantic Outdoor Evening
30 Jacuzzi (Indoor)
31 Cozy Fireplace
32 Reveille
33 George Of The Jungle
34 Loud Whip - Coil And Snap
35 Cartoon Sex (You Figure It Out) (4)
36 Handcuffs (Be Careful!)
37 Safe Sex - Condom Application And Removal
38 Pigs Snorting And Grunting (It Takes All Kinds)
39 Applause (For A Job Well Done)
Small Talk
40 Am I The Best Girl?
41 Oh, Yeah!
42 Ahhhh!
43 If I Talk This Loud, Can You Hear Me?
44 No Way!
45 I'm So Hot
46 You're So Hard
47 You Feel So Good Inside Me
48 I Want You Now
49 I Need You Now
50 It's Hot In Here, Are You Hot?
51 I'm So Bad
52 I'm A Bad Girl
53 Am I A Good Girl?
54 Am I A Very Good Girl
Special Occasion
55 Happy Birthday
Phone Messages
56 I Get So Excited When You Call (13)
57 I Love It When...(2)
58 Hello You've Reached...(2)
59 Honey,l Someone's On The Phone (3)
Warming Up
60 Lighting Candles
61 Champagne Pouring, Glasses Clinking
62 Zippers
63 Undressing
64 Undressing
65 Just Tell Me What You Want
66 Just Tell Me What You Want
Getting Serious
67 Whip Cream Application
68 Whip Cream Removal (M)
69 More Whip Cream Removal (M)
70 Moans
71 Sighs And Ahhs
72 Groans Of Satisfaction
73 Sighs
74 High Moans
75 Licking And Sucking
76 69
77 Brief And Intense Male Orgasm
78 Brief And Intense Female Orgasm
79 69 Three Ways
80 A Very Quickie
81 Plain Ol' Sex On A Squeaky Bed
82 Do It To Him One More Time
83 Jenny And Desiret

Voice – Desiret Moore, Jenny Dew

84 Do It To Her One More Time
Variety Is The Spice Of Life...
85 Massaging Woman
86 Massaging Man
87 Good Vibrations
88 When You Can't Reach Out And Touch Someone
89 Office Party Adventure
90 The Final Word

EROTIC - SOUND EFFECTS VOL 01 'CD' ''USA'' (Baratos Afins)

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  • EROTIC - SOUND EFFECTS VOL 01 'CD' ''USA'' (Baratos Afins)

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Formato da Mídia CD
Formato CD
Origem USA
Nº de Faixas 30
Condição Novo

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