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1 Come Together Jeffrey David / Echosmith Echosmith 4:40 Rdio 2 Let's Love Jeffrey David / Echosmith Echosmith 3:03 Rdio 3 Cool Kids Jeffrey David / Jesiah Dzonek / Echosmith Echosmith 3:57 Rdio 4 March Into the Sun Jeffrey David / Echosmith / Tom Leonard Echosmith 3:22 Rdio 5 Come with Me Jeffrey David / Echosmith Echosmith 4:12 Rdio 6 Bright Jeffrey David / Echosmith / Maureen McDonald Echosmith 3:42 Rdio 7 Talking Dreams Jeffrey David / Echosmith / Tom Leonard Echosmith 3:09 Rdio 8 Tell Her You Love Her Jeffrey David / Echosmith Echosmith 4:07 Rdio 9 Ran Off in the Night Jeffrey David / Echosmith Echosmith 4:24 Rdio 10 Nothing's Wrong Jeffrey David / Echosmith Echosmith 3:34 Rdio 11 Safest Place Jeffrey David / Echosmith / Tom Leonard Echosmith 4:16 Rdio 12 Surround You Jeffrey David / Echosmith Echosmith 3:30


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Echosmith's 2013 debut album, Talking Dreams, introduces a group with an unabashedly youthful take on dance-rock -- even though their style pays celebratory tribute to '80s pop music. A band comprised of the four Sierota siblings, the California-based Echosmith includes lead singer Sydney, guitarist/vocalist Jamie, bassist/vocalist Noah, and drummer Graham. Working with producer Mike Elizondo and songwriter Jeffery David, the band's freshman effort is impressively filled out with radio-ready songs that combine U2's chiming guitars, Fleetwood Mac's harmonies, and Killers-style neo-new wave production. In that sense, Echosmith will also draw favorable comparisons to such similarly inclined acts as Paramore, Kitten, and Britain's Two Door Cinema Club. Cuts like the romantic title track, the sparkling "Let's Love," and the bubbly "Come with Me" are all infectious and smartly produced, and tend to stick in your head long after the album ends. There is a brilliant lightness to these songs -- nothing ever feels too thought-out. While this doesn't lend a ton of depth to the album, with the members of Echosmith barely in their twenties and lead singer Sydney just sixteen, it only seems logical to assume that there's room for growth. And based on Talking Dreams, that growth will be a pleasure to witness.

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Formato da Mídia CD
Formato CD
Nº de Faixas 12
Condição Novo
Código do produto 50078-CD

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