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1 It's My Life Roger Atkins / Carl Derrico Alcatrazz 4:12 SpotifyRdio 2 Undercover Graham Bonnet / Danny Johnson / Jimmy Waldo Alcatrazz 3:40 SpotifyRdio 3 That Ain't Nothin Graham Bonnet / Danny Johnson / Gary Shea / Jan Uvena / Jimmy Waldo Alcatrazz 3:53 SpotifyRdio 4 No Imagination Graham Bonnet Alcatrazz 3:16 SpotifyRdio 5 Ohayo Tokyo Graham Bonnet Alcatrazz 2:59 SpotifyRdio 6 Dangerous Games Danny Johnson Alcatrazz 3:26 SpotifyRdio 7 Blue Boar Graham Bonnet / Danny Johnson / Jimmy Waldo Alcatrazz 3:14 SpotifyRdio 8 Only One Woman Barry Gibb / Maurice Gibb / Robin Gibb Alcatrazz 3:43 SpotifyRdio 9 Witchwood Graham Bonnet / Danny Johnson / Jimmy Waldo Alcatrazz 4:00 SpotifyRdio 10 Double Man Graham Bonnet / Danny Johnson / Gary Shea / Jan Uvena / Jimmy Waldo Alcatrazz 4:29 SpotifyRdio 11 Night of the Shooting Star Graham Bonnet Alcatrazz 1:05 SpotifyRdio 12 Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live Graham Bonnet / Yngwie Malmsteen Alcatrazz 4:42 SpotifyRdio 13 General Hospital Graham Bonnet / Yngwie Malmsteen / Jimmy Waldo Alcatrazz 4:45 SpotifyRdio 14 Kree Nakoorie Graham Bonnet / Yngwie Malmsteen / Jimmy Waldo Alcatrazz 6:05 SpotifyRdio 15 Island In the Sun Graham Bonnet / Yngwie Malmsteen / Jimmy Waldo Alcatrazz 3:47 SpotifyRdio 16 Since You've Been Gone Russ Ballard Alcatrazz 3:34 SpotifyRdio 17 Hiroshima Mon Amour Graham Bonnet / Yngwie Malmsteen Alcatrazz 3:43 SpotifyRdio 18 Suffer Me Graham Bonnet / Yngwie Malmsteen Alcatrazz 4:46 SpotifyRdio 19 Desert Song Russ Ballard Alcatrazz 5:33 SpotifyRdio 20 Jet To Jet Graham Bonnet / Yngwie Malmsteen Alcatrazz 4:42


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After taking it in the teeth from two of the '80s greatest young guitar heroes, Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Vai (both of whom performed on but one Alcatrazz album each, before abandoning ship for greater solo glory), vocalist Graham Bonnett decided to anchor 1986's Dangerous Games to a slightly less gifted, but much better traveled guitar wiz in the plainly named Danny Johnson (ex-Rick Derringer, Rod Stewart, Alice Cooper, Blackfoot, etc.). Unfortunately, ironically, and through no fault of Johnson's, just when Bonnett regained control of his own group, Alcatrazz wound up delivering their least distinctive album; more consistent, perhaps, than the previous year's idiosyncratic but frankly song-challenged Disturbing the Peace (Steve Vai defined), but also "safer" and utterly subservient to the 1980s' soulless mainstream rock conventions. Rare highlights such as "Ohayo Tokyo," "Only One Woman" (actually a re-recorded tune from Bonnett's first name band, Marbles), and the title track still saw the singer's passionate delivery rising victorious above the generalized, over-produced blandness (further exacerbated by that synthetic cleanliness and punched-in drums typically used throughout rock's "lost decade"). But, more often than not, utterly faceless fare like "It's My Life" and "That Ain't Nothin'" found Bonnett wallowing in a trough of mechanized AOR alongside his dispirited and long-suffering bandmates: bassist Gary Shea, drummer Jan Uvena, and, most tragically of all, keyboardist Jimmy Waldo, wasting all of that classical training on synthesized sequences a machine could have handled (sorry, Mrs. Waldo). And, for his part, though he certainly had chops to spare, Johnson only contributed truly scintillating solos to "Undercover," "Blue Boar," and the aforementioned "Ohayo Tokyo" (where he does his best Brian May impression) -- probably reflecting his selfless sideman's discipline, rather than lack of inspiration. At the end of the day, though, inspiration was exactly what Dangerous Games lacked most, as it ushered Alcatrazz towards their ignominious demise in a desperate state of (no doubt record company-assisted) formulaic coma, sounding nothing like the same band responsible for 1983's monumental No Parole from Rock'n'Roll.

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