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Descrição rápida

Disc 1 -
1 Land of the Midnight Sun - 9:12
2 Suite-Golden Dawn: Morning Fire/Calmer of the Tempests/From Ocean to T - 9:49
3 Race With Devil on Spanish Highway - 6:16
4 Elegant Gypsy Suite - 9:14
5 Señor Mouse - 7:22
6 Casino - 9:30
7 Medley: Short Tales of the Black Forest/Fantasia Suite for Two Guitars - 11:08
8 The Wizard [#][*] - 10:25
- Disc 2 -
1 Alien Chase on Arabian Desert - 8:59
2 Dinner Music of the Gods - 8:33
3 Bianca's Midnight Lullaby - 1:56
4 God Bird Change - 3:55
5 Electric Rendezvous - 7:52
6 Nena [Live] - 4:59
7 Egyptian Danza [Live] - 5:41
8 Cruisin' [Live] - 5:25
9 Island Dreamer - 4:05
10 Sequencer - 4:08
11 Al Di's Dream Theme [#][*] - 9:24
12 Theme to the Mothership [#][*] - 8:44


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  • AL DIMEOLA - ANTHOLOGY (Baratos Afins)


Sony's third anthology of Return to Forever guitarist Al di Meola's Columbia Records years hits most of the bases and scores extra points by adding four previously unavailable live tracks that account for a whopping 40 minutes of playing time. The double disc features 16 songs from di Meola's seven albums for the label from 1975-1983 and successfully covers highlights from the jazz guitar fusionist's eclectic styles during his early career. Only 22 when his first solo album, Land of the Midnight Sun, was released, di Meola had already cut his teeth for three years with Chick Corea's Return to Forever, and although his style owed a lot to Corea's vision, he had already defined his sound. The guitarist's precise attack, staccato playing, furious speed, and heavily percussive arrangements would serve him well throughout these formative years. Even though he was often criticized for playing too many notes (just listen to the frantic, head-spinning beginning of "Suite: Golden Dawn" from Land of the Midnight Sun), di Meola's more subtle roots in Latin, flamenco, funk, and rock are evident in almost all of his work. He even incorporates strains of the world music that later became the dominant force in his recordings. Although there is evidence of a softer approach, the majority of Anthology concentrates on the hyperactive fret-hopping ability of the young di Meola as he tries to prove he's the fastest guitarist in the world. Even on the acoustic, newly released live tracks from 1978 like the 11-minute "Medley: Short Tales from the Black Forest/Fantasia Suite for Two Guitars," the results are anything but laid-back. Oddly, the disc does not include anything from di Meola's two predominately unplugged trio albums, when he partnered with John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucía for a tremendously successful guitar summit. With three tracks off Tour de Force: Live and another four from concerts in 1982 and 1978, this disc includes almost an hour of di Meola and his versatile and talented bands tearing it up in front of appreciative audiences. While that makes for some hot guitar showcases, it also focuses too heavily on his frantic fingering, a style which gets wearing over the long haul. The audio fidelity of the newly released live songs is also of substantially inferior quality (the 1982 selections are particularly bad, with the drums sounding like trash cans), making them even more difficult to listen to. But with almost two and a half hours of music, along with liner notes that feature pertinent quotes from the artist, there's plenty on these discs to enjoy. Fret-shredders of all ages will undoubtedly be inspired by the astounding musicianship exemplified here. It's not a full picture of the guitarist's skills, but Anthology is a well-chosen compilation of a major portion of di Meola's career. Arranger - Al di Meola Composer - Al di Meola Guitar - Al di Meola Guitar (Electric) - Al di Meola Producer - Al di Meola Timbales - Al di Meola Drums - Alphonse Mouzon Guitar (Bass) - Anthony Jackson Mini Moog - Barry Miles Piano (Electric) - Barry Miles Compilation Producer - Bill Milkowski Compilation Producer - Bob Belden Cover Photo - Darryl Pitt Engineer - David Palmer Mixing - David Palmer Engineer - Dennis MacKay Producer - Dennis MacKay Packaging Manager - Dianne Spoto Shattuck Photography - Don Hunstein Percussion - Eddie Colon Roto Toms - Eddie Colon Timbales - Eddie Colon Reissue Art Director - Howard Fritzson Bass (Electric) - Jaco Pastorius Keyboards - Jan Hammer Project Consultant - Joe "Ace" Blackwell Production Assistant - John Jackson Drums - Lenny White Digital Remastering - Mark Wilder Conga - Mingo Lewis Percussion - Mingo Lewis Drums - Phil Collins Marimba (Electronics) - Philippe Saisse Cover Photo - Retna Drums - Robert Gonzales Digital Remastering - Seth Foster Project Director - Seth Rothstein Drums - Simon Phillips Drums - Steve Gadd Bass (Electric) - Tim Landers Piano (Electric) - Vlodek Gulgowski

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Formato da Mídia CD
Formato CD2
Gravadora SONY
Nº de Faixas 20
Condição Novo

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