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1 Keep Ya Head Up 2Pac / D. Anderson / Roger / Stan Vincent 2Pac 4:23 Spotify 2 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted 2Pac / Delmar "Daz" Arnaud / Calvin Broadus 2Pac feat: Snoop Dogg 4:07 SpotifyRdio 3 Temptations 2Pac / George Clinton / Shirley Murdock / Roger / Garry Shider / David Spradley / Larry Troutman 2Pac 5:02 Spotify 4 God Bless the Dead 2Pac 2Pac 4:22 5 Hail Mary 2Pac / Kastro 2Pac 5:12 SpotifyRdio 6 Me Against the World 2Pac / Burt Bacharach / Hal David / Minnie Riperton / Richard Rudolph / Carsten Schack / Leon Ware 2Pac feat: Dramacydal 4:39 Spotify 7 How Do U Want It 2Pac / J.J. Jackson 2Pac feat: K-Ci & JoJo 4:48 SpotifyRdio 8 So Many Tears 2Pac / E. Baker / Greg Jacobs / Stevie Wonder 2Pac 3:58 SpotifyRdio 9 Unconditional Love 2Pac / Johnny Jackson 2Pac 3:59 Rdio 10 Trapped 2Pac / R. Tyson 2Pac 4:45 Spotify 11 Life Goes On 2Pac / J.J. Jackson 2Pac 5:02 Spotify 12 Hit 'Em Up 2Pac / Franne Golde / Duane Hitchings / Dennis Lambert 2Pac feat: Outlawz 5:12 Track Listing - Disc 2 Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream 1 Troublesome 96 2Pac / Janet Jackson 2Pac 4:36 Rdio 2 Brenda's Got a Baby 2Pac / D.W. Evans 2Pac 3:54 SpotifyRdio 3 I Ain't Mad at Cha 2Pac / Delmar "Daz" Arnaud / E. Jordan 2Pac feat: Danny Boy 4:54 Spotify 4 I Get Around 2Pac / Rico Brooks / Greg Jacobs / Shirley Murdock / Larry Troutman 2Pac feat: Digital Underground 4:19 SpotifyRdio 5 Changes 2Pac / D.W. Evans / Bruce Hornsby 2Pac 4:29 6 California Love 2Pac / Joe Cocker / Dr. Dre / Roger / Chris Stainton / Larry Troutman 2Pac feat: Dr. Dre / Roger 4:45 7 Picture Me Rollin' 2Pac / J.J. Jackson 2Pac feat: Danny Boy / CPO / Syke 5:15 SpotifyRdio 8 How Long Will They Mourn Me 2Pac / Walter Burns / James Gass 2Pac feat: Nate Dogg / Thug Life 3:52 SpotifyRdio 9 Toss It Up 2Pac / Joel "JoJo" Hailey / Aaron Hall 2Pac 4:43 SpotifyRdio 10 Dear Mama 2Pac / Tony "D" Pizarro / Joe Sample 2Pac 4:40 SpotifyRdio 11 All About U 2Pac / Larry Blackmon / Johnny Jackson / Bruce Washington 2Pac feat: Nate Dogg / Top Dogg / Dru Down 4:33 Spotify 12 To Live & Die in L.A. 2Pac / Quincy Jones / Val Young 2Pac feat: Val Young 4:33 Spotify 13 Heartz of Men 2Pac / David Blake / W.O. Collins / C. Haskins / G. Clinton, Jr. / Prince 2Pac 4:41

2PAC - GREATEST HITS      'CD2'    ''BRA''

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Greatest Hits is a strange release. Sure, Tupac Shakur had more than enough hits to make a terrific compilation, but its appearance in the fall of 1998 felt a bit like another opportunity to milk his catalog, simply because of the plethora of releases, from previously unheard recordings to interview discs and bootlegs. Even with these misgivings taken into account, it has to be said that Greatest Hits does its job well. Given that it runs 25 tracks and two CDs, some may argue that it does its job a little too well, but the fact of the matter is, this contains all of his big hits, from "Keep Ya Head Up" and "Dear Mama" to "California Love" and "I Ain't Mad at Cha." Some may argue that it would have been more effective if it was sequenced in chronological order, but this remains the best place for casual listeners to get all the 2Pac they need.

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Artista 2PAC
Formato da Mídia CD
Formato CD
Gravadora SONY MUSIC
Nº de Faixas 26
Condição Novo

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